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Reliability of your data is the key to accurate decisions

Data processing systems are not error-free. Knowing that errors can occur and knowledge where exactly they are and how often they appear are two different things. Exarto DQ is the answer to the market’s need to check if, where and how many errors or inconsistencies occur, both in source data stored in databases or data warehouses and in those already transformed and used in reports and business analysis. 

Exarto DQ
Do you have a control over the quality of your data?

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What makes ExartoDQ unique?



With the ability to categorize

and tagg rules, they can be analyzed in a variety of ways - for example, checking stats for critical errors. This also simplifies analysis for departments or teams that can monitor data quality in their areas of responsibility.

Powerful rules engine

Rules can be created using

a wizard or, if necessary, there is

a possibility to use SQL syntax, which effectively removes all restrictions on the creation of rules satisfying even the most specific user criteria. 



 Details of rule results are stored for any user-defined time. The number and content of stored details is definable and depends on the triggered rule. 



System allows to load its results into Business Intelligence (BI) tools, which enables much broader analysis of the details from

the defined rules and lets to define relevant reports

Exarto DQ

Do you have control over the integrity of your data?

Data control

Its flexibility and open architecture allows to implement practically all ideas for data control.


Fundamental data

Verification of the accuracy of the records checking whether the name has the required length, number of vowels or whether the date of birth is consistent with the identification number (pesel), and whether the ID number is correct.


Dictionary data

Data compliance checks with  accepted standards,

including checking that the name of the procedure or code is consistent with the dictionary or that the person's address is consistent with the official address database.



An Application enables verification of the source data between different databases or different tables to avoid errors and inconsistencies e.g. validation that personal data matches in a central and local database.


Specialised data

The flexibility of the ExartoDQ allows to fulfil variety of cases. System can detect and alert about impossible sensor results, convert and calculate numerical values as well as detect anomalies.  

Regain control over your data in 4 simple steps




Connect your data sources


Define categories and rules


Observe and analyze the results

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